Our Top 5 Make Up Trends For Fall 2017

As they say in Game of Thrones, winter is coming. Soon it’ll be time to wrap up in warm scarves and hibernate for another year. But it’s not all bad news. While investing in your winter wardrobe, be sure to take some time to re-energize your make up collection. From shimmering gold to luscious reds, we’ve rounded up our top 5 make up trends for fall 2017 with the jewelry to match.


As the weather starts to get colder, the colors that surround us get warmer. In fashion, expect to see warmer tones of brown and red making their way into your wardrobe. So why not do your makeup to match? In the make up world, warm, metallic shades of gold will be a force to be reckoned with in AW17.

The products

Add a little glamour and slick back your hair with 24K Gold Pomade by Oribe, shine for days with Liquid Metal Eyeliner from Eye of Horus or sparkle with Armani Eye Shadow

The Jewelry To Match

Follow the trend with our hoop Gold Kisses earrings in Gold.


If the rain is lashing down, there’s nothing a pop of color can’t fix. If you’re a redhead, contrast your luscious locks by wearing contrasting purple makeup. There’s only one rule to this make up trend - the brighter the better.

The products

Shine in liquid eye shadow by STILA or metallic lipstick by Limecrime.

The Jewelry To Match

With a bright blue Saphire, our silver Sweet Kiss necklace will beautifully complement your colorful makeup look.


It has been 50 years since Twiggy shocked the world with her iconic sixties style. Ever since Barry Lategan’s black and white portrait of waif-like Twiggy, dramatic and exaggerated lashes have been an iconic make up look.

The products

Bring this vintage make up trend into the modern age with Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara or ramp up the intensity with Make Up Forever’s Smokey Extravagant Mascara.

The Jewelry To Match

Catch people’s eyes with our Sapphire eye necklace in silver.


This make up trend might seem bizarre at first, because after all, surely fresh complexion is always in style? While this may be true, we’ve been obsessed with the way that make up designers are coveting a subdued, healthy looking glow. Switch between semi-matt and satin finishes to unlock this trend’s full potential.

The products

Make your skin shine with Becca’s Backlight Filter Face Primer or Tom Ford’s Illuminating Primer.

The Jewelry To Match 

Made with sterling silver, our geometric bangle with blue sapphires is the perfect companion to your newfound dewy complexion.


This season, darker shades of red are a make up trend that we can’t get enough of. Guaranteed to add a touch of glamour to your look, bold red lips are perfect for autumnal weather. From Sophia Lauren to Marylyn Monroe, there’s something nostalgic and romantic about red lips that we simply adore.

The products

Inspired by Rose Petals, Matte Velvetine’s ‘Plum Purple’ shade is silky sleek and long wearing. If that’s not for you, go for Bite Back’s Amuse Bouche lipstick in ‘Rouge Berry’. 

The Jewelry To Match 

This calls for one thing and one thing only: lips! Match your wine lips with one of our lip rings, earrings or necklaces available in gold and silver.

Trends were carefully selected by ♥ Elina Shelest, makeup artist NYC

Article was written for Kozminka by ♥ The Pommier

Katya Kozmina