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New York-based company Kozminka introduces intriguing fine jewelry collection The Fine Senses. Made of gold with glimmering freshwater pearls, these striking pieces were inspired by the basic human desire: curiosity.

Fine Senses features earrings, brooches and rings dedicated to the five human senses. 

I’m excited to finally offer the fine jewelry line that I have dreamed to create since our brand’s first day. I’m sure that any girl with a fine sense of style will love something in this line. If you like refine statement jewelry this collection is for you.
— Kozminka founder Katya Kozmina is thrilled with the new collection.

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VISION earrings by Kozminka featured in Glamour UK

"Made from gold and glimmering pearls, these striking VISION earrings are inspired by curiosity. KOZMINKA always designs something that challenges the viewer and makes people look twice" - Glamour UK

The Surgeon Table by Kozminka is open in The Pommier's UK store

Come and gain some extra Senses! 

Fine Senses are now available in Gold Vermeil

Vermeil option is now available for some of our favorite styles in Fine Senses collection on

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