Introducing Fine Senses Collection

Contemporary. Minimalist. Intriguing. These are just a few concepts that are at the heart of our new Fine Senses Collection.

Made entirely of 14K Gold with glimmering freshwater Pearls, these striking pieces were inspired by the basic human desire: curiosity. We became instantly intrigued by the ways that we use our senses to discover the world.

The collection features five sets of earrings inspired by the five senses: touch, taste, smell, sight, and hearing. In addition to this, we’ve also designed a pair of small studs and ear climbers, as well as two brooches and a ring.

When setting out to create these pieces, we wanted to design something that challenged the viewer and made people look twice. We’re fascinated by how abstracting shapes and experimenting with negative space can open our eyes to an entirely new aesthetic or way of thinking. The shapes we’ve used are designed to start a guessing game and ignite the imagination of the viewer. This collection makes for a continuation of our exploration of the human form that we began with our ‘Senses’ collection, available now in sterling silver.

The classic combination of gold and pearls is timeless, but we feel that there’s something effortlessly contemporary about this collection. We also strived to bring together our influences and create pieces that can be worn from day to night, as well as being jewelry that you could either wear while running errands or to a friend’s wedding.

If you have more than one piece from the collection, feel free to mix and match the ‘senses’ together. By wearing the left and right option of our CONTACT brooch, you can even form a love heart shape.

The final addition to our collection was a beautiful LOVE ring. Made from two equal parts that perfectly fit together, this ring is designed to encapsulate the ever illusive sixth sense that is the hardest to describe: love. We particularly like the way the flowing, smooth lines of the metal collide with the ring’s more angular, square shape. This challenges our perception of how a ring should appear.

I’m excited to finally offer the fine jewelry line that I have dreamed to create since our brand’s first day.” She says. “I’m sure that any girl with a fine sense of style will love something in this line. If you like refine statement jewelry and love pearls, this collection is for you.
— Kozminka founder Katya Kozmina is thrilled with the new collection.

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Article was written for Kozminka by ♥ The Pommier