Katya Kozmina is a Russian contemporary Jewelry artist living and working in New York. 
Katya launched her Kozminka brand utilizing traditional artisan techniques; beginning with the initial sketch to handcrafting each item. By manually creating each piece her work is infused with a small breath of soul and personal energy.
In her quest for mastery of new jewelry making techniques Katya produces custom orders and also works in collaboration with several master metalsmiths.
The focus of the Kozminka jewelry collection is a delicately modern style created with quality and precision; in addition, all the pieces in the Kozminka jewelry line are created using fair-mined Gold and Silver metals. The gemstones in the collections are carefully sourced and chosen not only for their beauty but for their low impact on the environment.
The sources of Katya’s inspiration are varied and range from nature with its great formations, swift changes, and harsh climate to the love of imagined heroes in the worlds of books and fairy tales since being a journalist student in her country of origin.

-----Watching this video clip you will visit Kozminka studio to get an idea of Katya's designing and jewelry making process. Video created by Maria Merkulova