NEW YORK CITY October 19, 2016
Kozminka announces launch of new jewelry collection Senses

Designer surrealistically portrays human basic senses in wearable jewelry sculptures.

New York based jewelry company Kozminka proudly introduces Senses, a new hand crafted jewelry collection. Dedicated to the basic human senses, the new line comprises handmade mini sculptures of an eye, an ear, a nose, lips and a hand carved into beautiful jewelry models. At first sight the design looks simple, amusing and expressive, however, a closer look reveals the artworks' fashionable touch affiliated with some unknowable sense.

The collection includes mismatched stud and hoop earrings, stylish delicate pins, dangling earrings, ear cuffs, rings, bracelets and necklaces. Piercing elements like septum and helix rings also decorate some of the jewelry objects. Due to its protective power and a magic color, Sapphires were the preferred stones for this jewelry line.

Attractive for eyes and wearable jewelry is made in sterling silver, 18K gold and gold vermeil. Prices for various pieces in the collection range from $38.00 for ear cuffs and up to $713.00 for certain statement necklaces.

The collection was built using some Andre Breton's ideas that were in line with Katya Kozmina’s taste, the designer at Kozminka. The jewelry pieces define a convergence of human sense organs and abstract geometrical forms such as
triangle and sphere that reflects Breton's Assemblage ideas. Breton postulated that a surrealistic form of sculpture could comprehend the superficial insight of reality, and reach into the inner mind.

"So as to help the systematic disorder of all the senses, we must not hesitate to bewilder sensation'', the surrealistic leader had proclaimed.

About the Collection:
Senses collection is a second line of NYC jewelry designer Katya Kozmina. Visit
www.kozminka.com to bewilder your sensations by looking through the Senses catalog. For more information, ideas, designs and inspirations follow @kozminkastudio on Instagram or check the working portal on www.kozminka.com.