NEW YORK CITY – February 5, 2016

Anatomic and arboreal designs inspired creation of new jewelry line Lively Connections

Designer Katya Kozmina is pleased to announce the launch of her debut jewelry collection, Lively Connections. Inspired by the absence of organic minimalism in a mechanized, industrial world, Lively Connections implicitly suggests the linkage one finds between humanity and nature on even the smallest scale.

Lively Connections, which bears the secondary name of “Lifeblood,” is a collection of exquisite earrings, necklaces, and rings cast in sterling silver or 14K yellow gold. Prices for various pieces in the collection range from $76.00 for studs up to $856.00 for certain rings.

Currently based in New York City, Russian-born Kozmina is a professional journalist whose lifelong residence in large, often sprawling cities has made her acutely aware about the importance of preserving the natural world that’s rapidly vanishing beyond the horizon. The minimalist designs and patterns of the collection are both anatomical and arboreal in inspiration, as likely to resemble the veins and nerves of the human body as they are the leaves and branches of an oak tree.