Kozminka launches a collection of graceful ZODIAC necklaces

New York-based jewelry company Kozminka releases a twelve-styles line of necklaces with Latin zodiac names from Aries to Pisces.

Playful and elegantly looking neckpieces are great for any season. Those are light, delicate and just perfect for gifting yourself or your loved ones. A little less than 5 mm celestial initials hang on stylish and sturdy Italian chains. Price ranges from $150 for a Sterling Silver necklace and up to $200 for a Yellow Gold Vermeil one.

“I’m Pisces. This fact is something I feel easy to share with the world.” Says Katya Kozmina, the designer at Kozminka. “You might be shy to expose your name but wearing a Zodiac sign allows you to keep secrets. At the same time, it lets you be open, giving a hint about your personality. These necklaces are definitely conversation starters. Everyone knows at least something about zodiacs!”

The zodiacal signs represent exactly one-twelfth of the celestial sphere that Sun crosses over the course of the year. With a love to symbolism, Kozminka arranged Sun-like pictures of the necklaces with initials radiating as rays on company’s website. The current zodiac sign is highlighted enlarged.

Find your Zodiac among new elegant necklaces.

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