Bella Pummarola: Fashion Finds That Will Bring You Joy

Beautiful fashion blogger Anett from Florence, Italy at included our mono Earring Sweet Kiss in her post Fashion Finds That Will Bring You Joy>>

All Kozminka pieces are created using fair-mined gold and silver as well as gemstones that have a low impact on the environment. Katya’s new collection called Senses is comprised of hand-carved mini sculptures of an eye, an ear, a nose, lips and a hand, representing the human senses. Her designs are minimal, but high impact and are meant to make a bold statement. Love this black lip earring, so beautifully made and original!
— Anett, Bella Pummarola

Take a look at how to style this mono earring by Kozminka.

I believe that fashion is a very important part of our lives. It accompanies us every minute of every day, and all the little decisions we make regarding it reflect our unique personalities.
— Anett, Bella Pummarola
sergey kozmin