Shallow and Materialistic: "Bare Minimum"

Vancouver based fashion writer Alicia included Minimalist Ear Cuff by Kozminka in her blog post "Bare Minimum" and made us HAPPY!:) 
Love the cool description she wrote for such simple basic jewelry piece as an ear cuff. Thank you, Alicia xx

Kozminka – Minimalist Ear Cuff

The ear cuff is one of my favorite jewelry trends. It’s edgy and never looks like it’s trying too hard. This ear cuff reminds me of a girl who rolled out of bed, threw on a wrinkled t-shirt dress, finger combed her hair, pulled on her doc martens and couldn’t be bothered to put both of her earrings on because she was too tired from the crazy night she had before. This is the perfect lazy-girl accessory and adds an effortless sense of cool to any outfit.
— Shallow and Materialistic
sergey kozmin